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Affiliate Programs - Why trust us?

The trouble with affiliate marketing is finding a place to begin. There are far too many options, with every avenue looking like another advertisement, and every advertisement looking far too good to be true. What makes us confident to say that the programs we're recommending here are the best choice for you? That comes down to understanding what this website is all about, and understanding a bit about two-tiered affiliate marketing.

When an affiliate program has two tiers it means that anyone who is an affiliate can also sign up sub-affiliates under them. When your sub-affiliate makes money, you also make money, though not as large a cut as when you send customers directly yourself. The sub-affiliate does not know that they are a sub-affiliate, and there is no point in them knowing, as they are making the same percentage they would if they were primary affiliates. The cut does not come out of the sub-affiliates profit, but rather directly from the affiliate programs profit.

We are primary affiliates with each of the programs we promote on this web site. This means that we want you to become affiliates yourself with these programs, via banners on our site, so that you will be credited as our sub-affiliate. Okay you say, so we're only in it for the money? Well, there are two sides to this. Yes we want to have sub-affiliates under us, but wouldn't it also make sense that we want those sub-affiliates to be able to produce, as otherwise we wont actually make any extra money. We don't get paid per sub-affiliate sign-up, we only get paid if our sub-affiliates produce money themselves.

This puts us in a position where the advice we give you is most definitely intended to help you produce revenue for yourself, as that will also produce revenue for us. It also puts us in a position where we want to recommend affiliate programs that are trustworthy and reliable. It's in our best interests to give you honest and good advice.

Read on to find out what we recommend as the best affiliate programs available.