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Best Affiliate Programs available

Why you should trust our choices for the best affiliate programs available is explained here.

Our top choice for any industry is one of the newer affiliate programs to hit the market, called Golden Palace Affiliates ( Golden Palace Affiliates offers a number of salient features that make it stand out from the competition, and we'll outline them for you here.

To begin with, the profit potential of working as a casino affiliate far outstretches every other industry. One customer could produce thousands of dollars in profit for you. But as you'll learn, one customer can also prevent you from producing profit. The Golden Palace Affiliates program limits your risk in this respect however, which we will go into more details about when discussing loss carry-forward.

Best Percentages on Gross NOT Net - when an affiliate program pays out, the percentage calculation of the affiliates profits are based on a Net profit number for the client. Simply put, gross profit is the total overall profit from a venture, and net pay is the gross pay minus expenses. The problem in the affiliate realm is, net profits are a nice invisible way for affiliate program managers to skim off of the percentages that affiliates earn. Many casino affiliate programs take the gross number and deduct expenses like advertising costs the casino incurred that month, employment costs for compensating everyone at the company, production costs for, well, almost anything. You can see how easily your percentages are swallowed up by so-called 'net' deductions, and you can never be certain the deductions are legitimate.

Golden Palace Affiliates makes a point of paying on gross revenue instead of net revenue. This means you are paid a percentage of the total money produced by the player, minus any incentive bonuses that the casino may have given them, not minus anything else. You don't have to pay for the casinos advertising costs, as you shouldn't.

50% the first month, 36% every other month, no matter what you make.

Comparing percentage payouts between affiliate programs, while important, is only looking at a portion of the picture. Affiliate programs often promote amazing payout percentages, only to stiff you with their fine print. What do we mean? Well, it's not uncommon to see a program advertise 30% commission, but when you dig further you realize you are only eligible for 30% if you have produced over 10 thousand dollars worth of sales in a one month period. If you produce less, you get less of a percentage. Since it may be next to impossible to produce so many sales in a month, the affiliate program gets to look real good on paper, while it's essentially worthless to the average affiliate.

Branded Casinos

There are a million casino affiliate programs on the web, what should be your incentive for picking one over another? Well, there are the obvious reasons such as percentages, the more you get the better, but there are also some other variables worth considering that you may not have though about. The brand name of what you are pushing can make a very big difference between whether or not a customer follows through and signs up after leaving your site. Brands build trust, trust makes it easier to convert your traffic. You want to be pushing the biggest names in the industry. Sadly, there is no affiliate program for the MGM grand or the Bellagio, simply because they do not run online casinos. The big name players in the online industry are people like Casino on Net and Golden Palace. Casino on net has good branding because they have bought ad space in every corner, nook and cranny of the Internet. Golden Palace has good branding because they do national radio advertising in the United States, and they do off the wall promotional activities like tattooing streakers at major sporting events, and tattooing boxers while they are in the ring on national television.

Who do you want to advertise on your site, a destination nobody has ever heard of, or a destination that rings a familiar bell with the average surfer? This is why Tide laundry detergent cost more, and it's also why we all choose to pay more. We can trust them, because we've heard of them. We know they are a large business built on reputation. We know they have a vested interested in maintaining that reputation. We know they aren't fly-by-night. You always want to sell a branded product over an unbranded one, your conversion rates will always be better.

No loss carry forward

You might not be familiar with the concept of loss carrying forward month-to-month. When you sign up a casino player, they have to lose for the casino to make a profit. If you have a player that actually wins, then you as an affiliate are basically in the hole. If you have ten players at a specific casino and 1 of them wins 10 thousand dollars, your other 9 players have to have collectively lost more than 10 thousand dollars for you to earn a cheque at the end of the month. This is standard practice, and there's nothing we can do about it. The difference with Golden Palace Affiliates though, is that any loss you have incurred in one month is not carried over to the next month. Say your one player won 10 thousand and your other 9 players cumulatively lost 9000. This puts you 1 thousand dollars in the hole. Now, granted, you don't have to pay the casino that money or anything silly, but you also don't get paid. With other casino affiliate programs that loss is carried over to the next month, so that you start the next month 1 thousand dollars in the hole. Golden Palace Affiliates erases any debt you may have at the end of every month. This is important because every once in a while a player of yours might win a jackpot. Say they won $100,000 (yes it does happen), in any other casino affiliate program you'd be digging your way out of that hole forever, you may as well take those casinos off your site and never promote them again. With Golden Palace Affiliates, your account status would be reset to zero at the beginning of the next month and you could begin earning again. There is no loss carried forward from month-to-month.