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Internet Marketing Strategy

Your Internet Marketing strategy has to be consistent, and will require some work to implement. As we've outlined previously, the main goal of your internet marketing strategy should be to produce sustainable, free traffic for your website. The only way to really do this is to gain good rankings at the search engines. It is also possible to build sustainable traffic by gaining valuable inbound links from sites that produce their own traffic.

Unfortunately, in the industry we recommend most, links are used more as popularity commodity for search engines than they are for actually pushing traffic around. You wont have any trouble doing link exchanges with your 'competitors' because both you and they understand the linking benefits you both in the eyes of the search engines. And links, as you will come to understand, are a very big part of the major search engines ranking strategies. From one perspective, this makes a lot of sense. If each link to a page is considered a 'vote' towards its validity as an information source (the more often something is references the more likely it is to be good information) then the sites with the most links should float to the top.

The fundamental flaw in this thinking on the engines part, is that the variable of links is one that the user has control over. Why does it still exist? Obscurity. The majority of webmasters will never try to gain useless or unrelated links to their site, as the benefit has never been explained to them.

Another aspect of emphasis on this site is acquiring traffic from other sources. Internet marketing, we shall expound, is the same as regular marketing. If you take an ad out in your local newspaper with the only call to action being a website URL, it will produce traffic for your website. Will the traffic have been worth the money it took to pay for the newspaper advertisement?