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Web Traffic - Gaining eyeballs

It's all about eyeballs. This would be a good mantra to internalize if you're getting into the web traffic game. But it's not just the number of eyeballs; it's the quality of them. If you can gain targeted traffic, that's great. If you can gain targeted traffic in bulk, all the better. The problem is of course, that well targeted traffic usually doesn't arrive in bulk. In fact, they can almost be considered opposites, targeted traffic and bulk traffic.

There are a number of ways to generate web traffic. One of the most common is classic advertising. If you put a commercial on network television in the U.S., you'll likely produce some traffic to your website. The traffic that commercial pulls in will be proportional to the market your message was designed to reach. If your commercial said come to my website and I'll give you free money, you're going to get a lot of traffic. The value of that traffic would be about as low as it gets, but it would come in bulk. You could also have a commercial that said come to my website only if you want to buy one of these right now. You wouldn't get much, but the web traffic you produce would be highly targeted, and would likely convert to sales a high percentage of the time.

The secret is to try to tap into traffic streams that strike a balance between targeted and large numbers. Everybody's favorite method of producing traffic is the search engines. Every day millions of people log onto the Internet and decide where they are going to go based on the results of a search query at an engine. If your site is included in the top results for keywords that relate to your products or services, you're gaining targeted traffic. The more keywords you have optimized pages ranking for, and the higher their rankings, the more traffic you are going to get.

With search engine traffic you have complete control over how targeted an audience you want to reach. Each page of your site can be viewed as a doorway to the main purpose or service of your site. You don't want a doorway page that ranks for Britney Spears if your site is promoting online casinos. You would receive a lot of traffic if you did rank for Britney Spears, but you wouldn't actually make any money. Don't lose site of quality, because quality will lead to profit.

So how do you go about generating web traffic from the search engines? Well, it's an aspect of site design and creation, and it's called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To learn more about SEO, read our page on optimising for search engines.